The Five Front Range Wisdom Buddhas will arrive at their home soon!  Once they arrive, you will have the unique opportunity to have your name or offering inserted into the Buddhas.  As the Monks and Practitioners in the temple pray and perform their daily chants, highly enlightened mantric light will go out into the region.  With your name or offering inside the Buddhas, you will receive great blessings and benefits!


The Five Wisdom Buddhas are:

Vairocana Buddha

The principal deity/meditator.  The Center of Wisdom, Color White and Space or Emptiness.  Turning the Wheel of Dharma.

Amoghasiddhi Buddha  

Representing the Wisdom of the North, Color Green, Air or Wind, Double Varjra, Fearlessness.  Season of Autumn.  The wisdom of perfect practice.

 Amitabha Buddha  

Representing the Wisdom of the West, Color Red, Fire, and Lotus.  Season of Summer.  Perception and the wisdom of observation.

 Ratnasambhava Buddha   

Representing the Wisdom of the South, Color Gold or Yellow.  Earth, Jewel.  Season of Spring. Feeling and Giving.  The wisdom of equanimity.

 Akshobhya Buddha   

Representing the Wisdom of the East, Color Blue, Water, Sceptre, Varjra.  Humility.  Season of Winter. The wisdom of reflection.

Enlivening is a process to empower the Buddha statues as an energy anchor or spiritual vortex of sorts.  Once Enlivened, and a ‘Bring Forth the Light’ ceremony is performed, the Five Wisdom Buddhas become spiritual transmitters, engulfing the region with light, and enhancing the spiritual practices, longevity, and auspiciousness of the area of practitioners within the area.  This Enlivening process is unique and comes with many benefits to the people of the region.  Anyone can participate.  Treasures, precious gems, gold, silver, coins, and individuals’ names are placed inside the Buddhas.  These treasures or currencies can be donated by anyone who see the merit in this gift to the Front Range Five Wisdom Buddhas.

Each time the altar is activated or a practice such as a Dharma Rite is performed, the spiritual light of good health, wealth, and auspiciousness goes out to all who have donated.  Time is limited.  Once the Buddha’s are sealed, so too is the opportunity to participate.  This is a very special and unique opportunity.  There are only a few areas around the world that have these special Buddhas.  If you wish to have your name or the names of your friends and/or relatives placed inside the Front Range Five Wisdom Buddhas, click the Wisdom Buddha Offering button in the upper right corner of this page, fill out the form, and submit an offering.


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