Dharma Rites

Wisdom Eye Dharma Temple offers many different Dharma Rites. Below you will find a list of the Rites we offer and what they are used for. For more information on pricing and questions, please contact Wisdom Eye Dharma Temple.

Assist the Deceased Dharma Rite: This Rite is to help the souls of loved ones that have passed. It can also help with the grief and attachment from that loss, along with helping the connection to ancestral merit. This is a 7 day Rite.

Luck Change: This Rite is used when you are in need of a little extra assistance in a certain endeavor or a complete life change! Things that you thought were out of reach- could easily fall into place. This is a 7 day Rite.

Extinguish Disaster Rite: This Rite is often used to provide help with people facing surgery, or difficult medical procedures. This Rite can also help with other physical and emotional issues one may be enduring. This is a 7 day Rite.

Luck Change and Extinguish Disaster Rite: When you combine these two Rites it can be a powerful, life-changing event! This is a 7 day Rite.

Birthday, Marriage or Anniversary Rite: These Rites are for you or loved ones to help with health, happiness, and good fortune throughout. When you attend this Rite in person, you will receive an Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva pendant from Wisdom Eye Dharma Temple. This is a one day Rite.


Other Rites:

Assist the Deceased unborn child Dharma Rite

Assist the Deceased Suicide Dharma Rite

Abortion Dharma Rite

Seek Marriage Dharma Rite

Seek Offspring Dharma Rite

Business Prosperity Dharma Rite

Please contact us for more information on these Rites.