About Us

The Chinese Esoteric (Hanmi) School was established by Enlightened Masters to transmit the realized practice, to guide those who aspire to know, and to raise awareness. The Esoteric School advocates the universal practice of Know Yourself, Change Yourself, and Conquer Yourself.

Dechan Jueren is the 49th lineage holder and current Master of the Esoteric School. His main message is to look first to yourself. “If anyone wants to change anything, you must change yourself first,” he says. “Only he who can help himself has the means to help others. If we want to change our natural environment for the better, we must change our own thinking. Only then will the world have a better future. You must change your thinking and your behavior to overcome your bad habits. Let go of your own attachments and prejudices.”

The Wisdom Eye Dharma Center was formed in 2010 by students of Dechan Jueren, to promote and distribute the teachings of the Esoteric School.

The Wisdom Eye Dharma Center is a Non-Profit Religious Entity, dedicated to serving the public and helping those who request our assistance.  We are fully supported by generous donations from benefactors, members, and students.  Your generous donations will help us to serve you.