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Hanmi is Chinese Esoteric Buddhism. The Buddhist masters assimilated the prevailing teaching of Confucianism and Taoism, and evolved the teaching into Hanmi, which was more easily understood by the Chinese people. Chinese Esoteric Buddhism predates the Tibetan Esoteric School, or Lamaism. Hanmi Buddhism, being forced underground for over twelve hundred years, is not as well […]

Master in Los Angeles, 1998

About Master Yu


Living Buddha Dechan Jueren (得禅觉人-大日如来法王)  is the current lineage holder of Hanmi, He is the MahaVairocana Dharma King, the 49th Lineage Holder of the Esoteric School. He is also the 47th Lineage Holder of the Linji Chan School, and the honorable abbot of the 1000-year old Longquan Monastery in Inner Mongolia’s Chifeng, the vice-abbot of Wendu Monastery […]