Hanmi Spiritual-Healing Class


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Become certified as a practitioner of Hanmi Buddhist-Spiritual-Healing!

Improve your healing ability! Learn how mantra-light can be used for healing; apply mantras, mudras, and visualizations to heal yourself and others of many types of problems. Learn advanced techniques designed specifically for spiritual healers by awakened Buddhist masters. These healing techniques were taught by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren and include:
• The Great Compassion Mantra of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.
• 20 techniques for specific or general spiritual healing of many common problems and illnesses, including self-protection, headaches, eye problems, respiratory ailments, arthritis, heart attack, cancer, prostrate problems, tumors, diabetes, kidney inflammation, bladder problems, and, nuclear burns.
• Group healing, distance healing

Saturday December 15th 10am to 1pm
$108 Offering, Please RSVP
(Prerequisite: Medicine Buddha or Four Foundations)

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